The Direction
"There appears a light on the ocean of sorrow, suffering and pain... ...which brings new hope, Pleasure and comforting gain."

~ Dr.P.S Ajrawat

It is a nondenominational, scientific  meditational therapy invented by Dr. P.S. Ajrawat. It is a revolutionary paradigm shift providing a new scientific understanding towards achievement of sound mental & physical health, freedom of mind, spirituality & realization of self. It helps with relief of pain, stress, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, post traumatic stress, fibromyalgia, myofascial pain, memory, asthma, fatigue, drug addiction, alcoholism, cancer pain, irritable bowel syndrome, hypertension & smoking among others. It is one of the modalities used as part of Dr. Ajrawat's Dynamic Model for the management of pain and stress. It is an effective tool for natural healing of mind and body and a major advancement in the integrative field of medicine
Registered Trademark and copyright Notice:  Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat, the inventor and founder of Dr. Ajrawat's Air-Pulse Meditation & Dr. Ajrawat's Air-Pulse Autonomic Meditation Therapy® has secured United States federal copyright registration and federal  registered trademark for his original work, the invention of Dr. Ajrawat's Air-Pulse Meditation® and Dr. Ajrawat's Air-Pulse Autonomic Meditation Therapy®. Dr. Ajrawat has exclusive rights to this unique and distinct scientific meditation and meditation therapy. Dr. Ajrawat exclusively reserves all rights to administer, teach, license and certify professionals/providers in this meditation, meditation  and image therapy. Any unauthorized use or modification of Dr. Ajrawat's Air-Pulse Meditation®, Dr. Ajrawat's Air-Pulse Autonomic Meditation Therapy® and Dr. Ajrawat's Image Therapy™ will constitute trademark and registered trademark infringement and will be subject to lawsuit for copy right and trademark infringement.


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Book and DVD on Dr. Ajrawat's Air-Pulse Meditation™ will soon be available!

Do you suffer from Stress?


• Pain
• Anxiety
• Depression
• Panic Disorders
• Post Trumatic Stress

• Headaches
• Stress
• Alcoholism
• Drug Addiction
• High Blood Pressure

• Memory Loss
• Irritable Colon
• Bipolar Disorder
• Others. . .