The Direction
"There appears a light on the ocean of sorrow, suffering and pain... ...which brings new hope, Pleasure and comforting gain."

~ Dr.P.S Ajrawat

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Dont Lose Your Mind, Lose Your Weight

Excellent insights into nutrition and good health
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By far the bst book i have come across on "dieting" . It not only makes for great reading but is very informative on a lot many things incl something most of us avoid talking about "nature's call aka shitting"

In fact there lies a great oppurtunity for Sanitaryware companies to come out with a Indian style commode which is elegant , Modern and which could qualify as "designer ware"

Quite homourous with a simple style of getting across ,this book, if one can get down to following the 4 priciples would do a world of good to the vast majority of the indian populace ever intent on "making it "