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"There appears a light on the ocean of sorrow, suffering and pain... ...which brings new hope, Pleasure and comforting gain."

~ Dr.P.S Ajrawat

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Diabetic Neuropathy

From Disabled to Abled

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The Story of a Chronic Pain Sufferer

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Low Back Pain

From a Painfully Static to a Gainfully Dynamic Way of Living


Once More!
The Story of a Chronic Pain Sufferer

My name is Gary, and I am a 29 yr old living in B.C. Canada. At the age of 27 I was perfectly healthy and living a very productive life. I enjoyed sports, going to the gym, and had a very social life. All this came crashing down in May 2007 when I was on my way to a weekend get away. I had a backpack full of clothes in my left hand and was running to meet some friends at the Ferry Terminal. When I stopped running and got onto the ferry I felt this sudden pain on the left side of my lower back. I thought nothing of it and started stretching; this is when my nightmare began. The next morning I couldn't even get out of bed, walk, or move my left leg. This is the most pain I had ever experienced in my life, I had tears in my eyes because the pain was so unbearable. We decided to head back home which took 4.5 hrs by car and ferry. I was having such painful spasms that my body would jerk and I was screaming. Once home I couldn't get out of the car and was rushed to the hospital. There I received morphine injections for pain and had some tests done.

Cat Scans showed that I had a slipped disc that was obtruding at the L4-L5 Level. My left leg was now longer than my right leg. The slipped discs were pinching my nerves, which caused shooting pain from my left buttocks into my thigh and down my leg to my ankle. The pain felt like someone was stabbing me all the way down my left side. I couldn't stand straight or walk on my own. My Family Doctor prescribed me painkillers such as Oxycontin, Oxycodone, and Percocets to name just a few among many others. These pills were temporarily reducing the pain, but not fixing the problem. I tried many different Chiropractors, Acupuncturists, Physiotherapists, and massage therapist's and none of them helped.

I have a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and was not able to pass the physical testing requirements for the various agencies that I was seeking employment with. I was also fired from my current job because of too many days missed due to my severe back injury. This affected my personality, mood, and behavior in a very negative way. I didn't talk to my family and kept to myself, was always mad and yelling at those I loved. My life took a complete nosedive and I couldn't do the things that I used to do like playing sports, working out, or just going out with friends and having a good time. PAIN had ruined my life. This caused me to become depressed at times because I was losing hope. I got used to the idea that I would have to spend the rest of my life living this way. Not being able to pursue my career goals, and enjoying life caused me to start drinking heavily.

After 2 years of living in hell, I finally got my lucky break. I went to a speech/Conference and heard Dr. P.S. Ajrawat speaking about his patented "Air Pulse Autonomic Meditations, and Image Therapy." Dr. Ajrawat was swarmed my thousands of people in pain about their various illnesses and a search for a cure when all other medical practices had failed them. I was one out of the thousands that had the opportunity to have a consultation with Dr. Ajrawat. I had been let down by many medical experts in the past, and already knew what was wrong with me. Dr. Ajrawat blew my mind by looking at me and he said " son you have a disc problem in your back, and your left leg is longer than your right." He said this just by looking me over for a few seconds. I made the decision to fly to Dr. Ajrawat's Pain Medicine Center in Washington D.C. There I received state of the art medical treatments that I had never seen or experienced before, and every treatment made me feel better. Dr. Ajrawat told me that every health problem has a remedy and a solution. He was so confident that he was going to fix me, and he DID. After spending 2 weeks at the Washington Pain Medicine Center, I was a new man. I was treated with multimodality treatments which included trigger point injections, nerve blocks, physical rehabilitation, strengthening and stretching exercises, meditation and image therapy, medication, hot packs, electrical stimulation and medication. Dr. Ajrawat had me running, bending, and doing things that I only did before my injury. My depression disappeared, and I was so eager to get back home and get back to my normal life. Thank you Dr. Ajrawat for all you have done for me, I am who I am today due to your kindness, and caring ways. You spent relentless hours working on me, and for that I can never thank you enough. God Bless you and may your live a hundred years so you can help others who are suffering and living in pain.



Abdominal Pain

“Back from hell, slowly but surely”

On February 28, I had a radical prostatectomy for cancer, in one of the best place in the US for that surgery. I am 69, but I was, at the time, in the best possible shape: stretching every morning since ten years, treadmill two days a week since 5 years. In the 6 weeks before the surgery, I was running 4 miles in one hour every other day. I felt and looked younger than my age.
Unfortunately it was the beginning of the worst period in my life. After two months, I thought I had added ten years to my age. Even with a lot of pain killers I was suffering and even with sleeping pills I had to go to the bathroom eight or ten times during the night. No pill, no sleep. My surgeon, at the three-month post-surgery visit, was lost, not knowing what was going on and what to prescribe, except a routine pill for the bladder.
I decided to see another urologist, in my area, with a good rating from Consumer-Checkbook, to have a second opinion and hopefully get some relief. Perhaps I had another cancer somewhere? He ordered urine and blood tests and a CT scan and he did a cystoscopy. He saw nothing wrong. Good news, he said; no infection, no cancer. But from there on, what to do? As soon as there was no flesh to cut, I was not an interesting case and he rather rudely told, to my wife and I, he couldn’t do anything for me. Move along, I have other patients waiting!
If urologists couldn’t do anything for me, I had to find someone else able to alleviate my pain. I had no previous experience of pain management, but I had heard about that discipline. I thus looked after a “pain management doctor” on the web. I found Dr Ajrawat and took an appointment.
This first appointment was a pleasant surprise. I was used to doctors that keep you ten minutes the first time, and then 3 minutes each time. With Dr Ajrawat the diagnostic took one hour and a half. He told me “It’s an ethic choice: with my patients, I don’t look at my watch”. I was already going better!
It’s a lot of things: trigger point injections, nerve blocks, physical rehabilitation, Dr. Ajrawat's Air Pulse Meditation, psychotherapy, strengthening and stretching exercises, and medication. Not surprisingly it takes time: three more-than-one-hour sessions a week for 6 weeks or more, depending on the case. But, surprises succeeded to surprises. First I had leg shorter than the other and that caused posture compensations and then cramps. In fact I discovered that I had low-intensity pains in the muscular mass I didn’t know (or I didn’t want to know). Then I had the feeling of pains moving from one place of the body to another, from thighs to back or to shoulders for example.
In the meantime, I discovered by chance, a urologist knowing what I have: a supposedly rare and probably autoimmune illness, with no cure, interstitial cystitis. There is a remedy but with only long-term effect. The main thing is to follow a diet. That day, I discovered also that my first symptoms – 14 years ago – which were allegedly related to an early prostate hyperplasia were, in fact, the first signs of what I have and that the surgery had wreaked havoc in a weakened bladder. It was a relief to know what I have, even if there is no cure.
After one month of pain management, I discovered its first benefits. My first benchmark, was to recover sleep. Since one week, I sleep without sleeping pills. The level of pain is clearly lower, second benchmark. And I am regaining control on my bladder: yesterday, I didn’t put a diaper for the first time in six months, but a pad.
But there is another benefit of pain management. I had felt ten years older, and now I am going back in time. My body feels younger. The feeling and the appearance of age is strongly related to body stiffness. Knowingly or not, when we grow older, we let our body become less and less flexible. It’s like an inside ‘carapace’ limiting our movements scope. Right now, thanks to pain manage
ment, I am shedding away that carapace and going back in time. Thank you Dr. Ajrawat!

MV, Silver Spring MD


“From a Rocky Road to a Path of Hope ”
Life is a journey. This is my story about my ever-continuing journey.
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“From a Quagmire to Quantum Leap”
If you are suffering from chronic pain, don’t give up!

"I am a 41-year-old wife, and mother of two. I have been suffering from chronic pain for what seems like most of my life but I refused to give up hope. At long last, I’ve found help from a Pain Specialist who is trained in seeing the whole person. The Washington Pain Medicine Center (WPMC) run by Pain Specialist P.S. Ajrawat, M.D., and his wife, Psychiatrist S.K. Ajrawat, M.D., has been my saving grace.

I started having intermittent paralysis when I was 17. My left leg would fall asleep, only to be awoken again with a severe burning sensation and pain. Each time, the doctors just told me to come back when it happened again; they did not know what was happening with my body.

As the years passed, these flare-ups would happen more frequently and also involve other parts of my body. My legs would give out; I would have continuous stabbing-like pain in my abdomen, back, legs and arms. Each episode would be followed by more tests and more doctors. I have been treated by general practitioners who have labeled my condition irritable bowel, chronic fatigue, acid reflux, depression, severe adhesions, and prescribed various medications including prevacid, valium, effexor, vicodin, oxycontin, just to name a few. I have been seen by neurologists and have had several nerve conduction studies, steroid injections, epidural steroid nerve blocks, and have been prescribed a variety of additional drugs, more oxycontin, neurontin, amytriptilline and a few others that I can’t remember anymore. I have been seen by neuro-radiologists who diagnosed me with severe disc herniation pressing against my spinal column on discs L5-S1, which caused severe pain, debilitation, numbing of my legs all the way to my toes.

I was walking with a cane, being driven because I never knew when my legs would actually be there for me. I lived in pain 24 hours a day, I wasn’t sleeping, I couldn’t exercise, I couldn’t walk or even sit for more than a few minutes in one position, I was a woman searching for her life! I had already had more than my share of medications, acupuncture, nerve blocks, tests, steroids, all followed by ending up in surgery anyway. Four surgeries, with each making my condition worse rather than better, only to be told by the surgeons that the longer I waited to “try” surgery, the more harm I may have done to my nerves; the damage could be permanent and should try to learn to live with the outcome.

I fell into a depression; I was so tired of living in pain! I have lost parts of my identity over the years, piece by piece it seems. I have been given hope over and over that turned out false, none of the attempted remedies have worked. I was starting to feel hopeless when I was advised to see a Chronic Pain Specialist. Then, a friend of mine found The Washington Pain Medicine Center online.

I must say I was a bit apprehensive because in the past that meant pain killers and steroids. Yet, when I came to WPMC I was willing to listen and was surprised by what I heard. After losing my ability to walk, lift, and stand for any period of time I lost my business, the dream company I had worked to create and had to hand it over to the co-owner. I had lost my sense of being, my independence. My family suffered because I wasn’t able to be the wife and mother I wished to be. I would save up my strength and grit my teeth to feel somewhat “normal,” to make it through some time with family and friends.

Yet those days after you have overdone it, people didn’t realize what it took to put on such a show and would mistake a bad day for wanting sympathy. Eventually you stop wanting to go out or be around people. It is painful to be in pain, and have to pretend you are not, yet even more painful when people around you think you want to live that way.
I put my trust in the people who realized this about me and kept looking for the answers with me. It led me to this day, this moment in my life where I once again have hope. I was amazed and grateful when Dr. P.S. Ajrawat gave me the prescription of treating the whole person. He explained how he and Dr. S.K. Ajrawat would be treating me together. I would talk to her about the issues and concerns that you face when you suffer from chronic pain and what it does to your feelings and self esteem.

He would treat me with lidocaine injections directly into the trigger points that are being affected and I would exercise. After just the first series of injections I was not only walking without a cane, I was jogging down the hall. (I thought he was kidding when he asked me to do that.) Yes, I was jogging down the hall! I exercised that same day and listened as he told me about the muscles in your body that are most affected and, as they lose strength so does everything they support. It made so much sense; why had nobody told me that before?
When I first came I was not able to do a lot of things for myself, yet by keeping up with my routine exercise and stretching, and keeping my appointments, my entire life has changed. I can’t tell you how important it is to find a Specialist in the field of Pain Management! I am no longer on pain medication! I stretch out everyday, I exercise, I have lost weight, and I have gained pieces of “me” back!

I know that I have more work to do; the gift is that I am “able” to do it! I no longer have to depend on other people and medication to make it through the day. I can be an active mom and wife again, I can be a helpful friend without hiding in my own space for fear of others seeing me. If I had not come to the WPMC I don’t know where I would be today, what medications I would be taking, and how many times a day I would have to grit my teeth to sit, stand, walk, or live! I am so very blessed to have found the expertise that WPMC has offered to so many.

I wish that there were more doctors trained to understand the “whole person” not just the symptoms and prescribe a series of drugs and/or surgeries. How I wish I would have found the WPMC prior to the many years of pain and suffering physically and emotionally. I wonder how far I would be right now…perhaps running a marathon…perhaps soon…perhaps. My future is now a bright shining star once again, waiting to be reached for and I am reaching for it each and every day. I know that the series of lidocaine injections and exercise are strengthening my body and the Ajrawats’ willingness to listen is encouraging my soul.
Thank you Dr. P.S. Ajrawat and Dr. S.K. Ajrawat for the time and patience you have for your patients. Thank you for taking the time you have invested in learning what it takes to help a person heal both inside and out. Thank you for my enduring hope."


"From the Ordeal of Pain and Suffering To the Pleasures of Life"

The Story of a Chronic Pain Sufferer

"My name is Tod. I am 42 years old. For over 20 years I have suffered from severe and chronic pain. A birth defect, a series of accidents and an extremely rare form of viral meningitis (Mollaret’s) have combined, along with the side-effects of two back surgeries, to make my life a miserable existence. My life was a terrifying ordeal. I have gone to one pain clinic after another, hearing the same thing over and over, “You will be in constant pain for the rest of your life.” Despite what the clinics predicted, I never lost hope and I never gave up. For the past year I have been relatively pain-free. For this, I credit the Washington Pain Medicine Center (WPMC) and the work of pain specialist Dr. P.S. Ajrawat, M.D., and his wife, psychiatrist S.K. Ajrawat, M.D.

I experienced my first bout of meningitis 21 years ago. The doctors didn’t know what it was. I almost died. Less than 100 people in the world have been diagnosed with the very rare Mollaret’s meningitis. I have had more than 30 bouts with it. In 1985 I underwent a spinal fusion to correct offset vertebrae, a birth defect. This was the first of two surgeries on the L4-5 lumbar vertebrae area of my back.

A couple of years later, I was crushed by a wave at the ocean, dislocating my left shoulder and I had to have a partial claviculectomy. Then in 1994, a car accident crushed part of my L-5 vertebrae, which was fused to my tailbone, and sprained my neck. I had a second surgery on the L-5 area of my back nine months later. Even though the surgeon was able to remove the broken pieces of vertebrae, he warned me that scar tissue entangling with nerves could become a problem.

Several months after the second operation I began having pain at the site of the surgery, in the backs of my legs and bottoms of my feet. I was prescribed steroid shots, anti-inflammatory medicine, trigger point injections, epidural nerve blocks, a Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) unit, heat packs, and physical therapy––none of which worked. It was suggested that I try acupuncture, which I did. That didn’t help, either. After having tried everything recommended, to no avail, my doctor said I should try a pain clinic because he knew of no other course of action.

I put off going to a pain clinic as long as I could ––about two years. Finally, in 1999, my pain problem had become so extreme that my fiancée persuaded me to try a pain clinic because it seemed to her there was no other place to seek help.

The first pain clinic I went to prescribed physiotherapy and one Percocet a day. After several months of this therapy not working I switched to another pain clinic. My new pain specialist prescribed 30 mg. of OxyContin per day. As I adjusted to the medication the dosage would be increased. At this point I was forced to change pain clinics by my insurance company. My new pain clinic continued my current pain medication therapy. They also suggested I try a course of epiduralysis, which I did. The five treatments of epiduralysis did not help, as manifested by the fact that over two years, my OxyContin dose had to be gradually increased to 260 mg. a day. At that time my pain specialist lost his license, forcing me to look for yet another pain clinic. The anxiety I was experiencing from not being able to complete the epiduralysis treatment (which was my only hope of getting out of pain at that time) combined with stress from finding a new pain clinic was enough to cause panic attacks. My new pain specialist prescribed Valium for anxiety, Ambien to help me sleep, and OxyContin for pain. I was taking 260 mg. of OxyContin, 30 mg. of Valium, and 20 mg. of Ambien per day. Despite the Ambien, adverse reaction to OxyContin kept me awake for days at a time. I had reached the point where the medication that was supposed to help me caused as much discomfort as I would have experienced if I had not been taking any medication, just suffering with the pain.
I’ll now describe the quality of my life at that point in time. Ever since the first surgery, the back pain has interfered with my sleep and exacerbated the pain in my left shoulder. In fact, sleeping was darn near impossible. All this was occurring at the same time the country was attacked on September 11, 2001. Misery is the only word that can describe how I felt. I was afraid to drive a car because I wasn’t sure of myself. I couldn’t concentrate on the things that usually came naturally to me. I would lie in bed sometimes for days, unable to sleep but so exhausted that I couldn’t get up. My life revolved around when I had to take my next OxyContin pill and whether I had enough to make it to my next appointment with the pain specialist.

By now I had been told by four different pain clinics and two neurosurgeons that I would be permanently in chronic pain from scar tissue wrapping around nerves at the site of the two operations. I requested to be taken off all the medications I was taking because the side-effects were now worse than being in pain itself. The pain specialist I was seeing at that time said he would not help me to get off of the medications I was taking because, he insisted, I would be right back on them in less than one month. This same doctor then wanted an MRI to determine if anything could be seen that might have been missed before, or if anything had changed since my last MRI. I was looking for a place to do the MRI when I saw the phone number of a pain clinic, Washington Pain Medicine Center close to where I live. I called WPMC just to see if they might offer a treatment different from the other pain clinics I had been to. They described what sounded like a different treatment than I had received at the other pain clinics, so I scheduled an appointment.

During my first appointment at WPMC, I met Dr. P.S. Ajrawat who pointed out some fundamental problems with my body that other doctors either missed or didn’t think were important. I was impressed with his all-inclusive examination. He was the first doctor I had presented my problem to who said that, in his opinion, I would not have to be permanently in pain. I was skeptical because of what other doctors had told me, but I wanted off of the pain medication so badly that I hoped and prayed what he said was true.

That first appointment was on November 28, 2001. I took my last OxyContin pill on December 17, 2001, a date I will never forget. After my initial visit with Dr. Ajrawat, he began treating me with trigger point injections, which were very different from the trigger point injections I had previously received. The injections were mostly into the muscles surrounding the operations’ site. The treatments Dr. Ajrawat gave me provided pain relief almost immediately. In group therapy, I learned how vital an all-inclusive program is to the recovery of pain patients. It was also helpful to talk to other people with problems similar to mine. Another important part of the treatment plan included an exercise program specifically designed to my recovery needs. I was also encouraged to lift weights and walk regularly at home.
I have other health concerns that I believe have diminished as a direct result of my treatment at WPMC. I have recurrent viral meningitis. I’ve been hospitalized 30 times for episodes of meningitis since 1983. On average, I was getting sick once or twice a year. During my two years of treatment at WPMC I’ve been sick only once.

Over the two-year course of seeing Dr. Ajrawat for treatments, the pain I had been suffering from has nearly disappeared. The number of shots I require has declined from two sets of injections a week to one set of shots per week, and sometimes even more infrequently. I’m an accomplished guitar player and, not being hindered by constant pain, I am able once again to concentrate and be creative.

What I’m really trying to say here is that WPMC treats the whole of you, everything––your psychological as well as physical problems. I believe this is one of the key elements in the successful rehabilitation and relief of my severe back pain.
Dr. Ajrawat’s all-inclusive therapy has made an incredible difference towards the rehabilitation of my shoulder pain problem following the partial claviculectomy, as well as my sprained neck from the accident.

The treatments and therapy I’ve received at WPMC have drastically improved the quality of my life. After suffering for years, I believe I have finally found a successful treatment. These treatments seemed to have changed virtually every aspect of my life––emotionally, physically and spiritually. My endurance level has increased so dramatically that I feel stronger and healthier than I have in 10 years.

People suffering from chronic pain need to know to look for a fellowship-trained pain specialist. If I had that information from the start, my ordeal with chronic pain would have been over years earlier. I hope someone else might find help sooner by having this information. I’m forever grateful for all of the care and concern the doctors and staff at Washington Pain Medicine Center have shown to me. I strongly recommend them to anyone who suffers from chronic pain."



"For 12 years I have been suffering with Migraine Headaches. I cannot describe the pain because it was so severe, but you might imagine how it would feel if someone hammered a sharp nail into your eye and out your temple. The pain affected the entire side of my head, extending down the back of my neck even causing me to vomit. To curb the pain my doctor would give me an injection which only put me to sleep. After each injection, it took four days for my body to recover and to function normally again.

Of course, this affected my family life, my work and my self esteem. I averaged two migraine headaches a month. On the last visit to my family doctor, I broke down in tears and said that I could not handle this pain any longer. He recommended that I try the Washington Pain Medicine Center, under the direction of Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat. Since working with Dr. Ajrawat my life has changed. I never knew that feeling good, felt so good."


"Historically I have been a somewhat athletic person, and was a competitive runner. After my accident, I was in back, leg and nerve pain continuously, and conventional treatment offered me little chance of a good recovery with surgery. Prescribed multiple medications, I became addicted to prescription medication, and with little activity, gained over 70 pounds. Requiring canes to assist me in walking, I also became very depressed.
I had the good fortune to find Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat, and by following his treatment plan, my pain subsided. I became physically active once again, lost all of the excess weight I gained, and my depression went away. Today, I am once again fully productive, owing my physical well being to the treatment offered by the Washington Pain Medicine Center."


"For the past 11 years I have been suffering from chronic headaches. These headaches would wake me up at night and last all day. The pain was a constant, nagging dull pain that I felt in the back of my neck and shoulders and around my forehead. My headaches would keep me form doing a lot of things like work at school. They affected my family life because I had no motivation to do anything or go anywhere. I was constantly complaining about my pain and became depressed. I was unable to sleep well during the night, so I was always sluggish and tired.

Through the years I had been seen by numbers of doctors such as Neurologist, Chiropractors, General Practitioners, Ear, Nose and Throat Specialist, and Allergists. I was told by most that I was suffering from migraines. I was given several medications like Medrin, Fiorecet and Imitrex, all of which did not work. I was also told that I had a sinus or allergy problem that was discovered to be not true. I also was told that my headaches were tension, so I was given heavy muscle relaxers and anti-depressants which always left me drowsy and only seem to cover up my pain not correct the pain.

When I came to the Washington, D.C. area I found Dr. Paramjit Singh Ajrawat. He knew he could help me as soon as he heard my story. He told me I had Muscle Contraction Headaches or Tension Headaches. I had heard that before but I hadn't heard about his treatment before. Dr. Ajrawat uses trigger point injections. Along with the injections I do Neuromuscular Conditioning and Stretching. This combined therapy has definitely worked. I feel much more relaxed. I can feel the muscles in my shoulders relaxing and it feels like a big weight has been lifted off my whole neck. My headaches have greatly been reduced and I have learned how to relax on my own. Dr. Ajrawat has shown me meditation and stretching exercises that I can take with me and use for long term health.

My family is very pleased with my progress. They are relieved that I am more motivated and don't complain any more and I am generally a much happier person. I encourage anyone who has pain to see Dr. Ajrawat and doctors like him. This therapy really works and you don't have to live with pain. I thank Dr. Ajrawat for everything he has done for me."



" I suffered an injury to my right knee in an elevator accident and severely injured my knee. I have suffered constant and severe pain since the accident. I have been unable to work since because of the level of pain and weakness and have been on full disability.

My knee is very unstable and weak, I had a lot of difficulty standing or walking for prolonged periods of time and could not preform my daily tasks. This pain would just not let up. I was taking lots of medication , feeling depressed all the time and could not sleep at nights.I was referred to a rehabilitation / sports medicine clinics, Orthopedic Surgeons, amongst others but nothing helped my pain still persisted.

I was referred to Dr. P. Singh Ajrawat for evaluation of my right knee pain and that referral has been the best thing that has ever happened to me. Thanks to the treatments I have been receiving, I am now pain free and have not taken any medication. I am able to stand, walk and bend at the knee without pain for the first time since my injury."